Wherever your business takes you, Divi2go has your expense reports covered.

Airline tickets to New York. Hotel stay in Los Angeles. Restaurant bill in Toronto. Car rental in London. Office supplies down the street.

Wherever you go — and whatever you need to pay for — our mobile app Divi2go makes expense reports easy.

Divi2go is the world’s first intelligent, mobile, and real-time Time and Expense Management platform. With Divi2go, you can:

  • Take a photo of receipts, and automatically associate them with relevant expense information.
  • Generate expense reports on the go that can be instantly sent to management.
  • Integrate mobile GPS data with calendar events to extract connected business expenses.
  • Reduce expense report processing costs (under $10/month per user).
  • Use analytical tools to easily view and act on trends in expenses.

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