About Us

Travel and Expense Management, Simplified

Travel and Expense Management (TEM) costs organizations time and money. On average, a company spends $58 to process a single expense report, and larger companies will spend nearly double that. Moreover, 19% of expense reports contain errors or missing information costing an additional $58 and 18 minutes to correct each expense report. Expense reports are costly to employers, and just plain bothersome to employees.

Level48 was born out of this frustration, as we recognized how much time and money was spent to complete expense reports using existing, ineffective solutions.

Nimble Insights

Mobile apps and digital data collection: two trends that drive the modern world. Or, at least most of it. Businesses are still stuck in their old ways, relying on dated systems for processes that should be more streamlined and useful by now.

That’s where Level 48 steps in, combining these two trends to create what we call “Nimble Insights.” We use mobile devices (“Nimble“) combined with elegant programming and approaches to data analysis (“Insights)” to solve complex problems and create value out of cloud-based data.

Our team, location, and philosophy all work in tandem to develop and provide Nimble Insights for your business, starting with Divi2go.

Meet Divi2go, the Mobile TEM Solution

With our mobile, auto-expense platform, Divi2go, we simplify and expedite the expense report process. With our app, you can use your smartphone to track your expenses rather than doing paperwork. This helps improve employee productivity, reduce error rates and frustration, improve compliance and governance and save employers time and money.

Divi2go launched on Android, iOS, and on the web in Summer 2017.

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